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Goat Milk soap and lotion is a natural way to clean and moisturize your skin. 

             * Naturally contains glycerin which can soften and moisturize

             * High levels of alph hydroxy acid which aid in shedding of old skin cells & replacement of new.

             * Anti-Bacterial proteins which fight against acne

             * Rich in Vitamin A & Selenium which repair skin tissue & help prevent sun damage

What does all this mean..... Basically this... Goat milk is great for your skin and you know exactly what's in it! Join our mailing list below and I will add you to my mailing list to receive our newsletter which will keep you updated on all of our newest soaps, lotions, and specials. Make sure you add to your contacts.

Send me an email, text, or message via the site to get a list of available 

products, scents, & prices. I currently have goat milk soaps, lotions, sugar 

scrubs, lotion bars, and lotion sticks. 

*Our goat milk products have not been evaluated by the FDA.**


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